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Tae was your average girl, struggling to understand life and the world around her. After finding love in the most unlikely of places, and then challenging the very basis of her upbringing to pursue it, she incidentally embarks on an epic journey of self-discovery.

Unable to wrap her mind around why or how she is worthy of love, Tae pours all of her focus into her relationship. Everything that she does is for the sake of maintaining her love. It opens her mind and world to an assortment of new experiences—some of which are as painful as others are euphoric—but prevents her from being able to discover who she is outside of the relationship.

From experimenting with polyamorous love to battling drug addiction, the heights and pitfalls of her experience, ultimately, culminate to become the foundation of who she is. But more importantly, her experiences come together to culminate the potential for who she can become.

I Used to Love H.E.R: The Love Lorn Ballad of Tae & Nik

SKU: 979-8-369-20574-7
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