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So often do we attempt to avoid finding ourselves, only to discover that we knew who we were all along. Which is exactly what Tamika discovers when she’s forced to find the sister that she never knew she had. Recently deceased, Tamika’s mother reveals—through a series of video tapes—that Tamika must find the daughter she was forced to give up all those years ago.


With nothing to go on but a name and a birthday, Tamika sets off to reunite with her sister, being that it is the key to saving her family’s home. Met with setbacks caused by internal and external forces, Tamika struggles to complete her mission in time.


Luckily, she meets an unlikely ally that proves to be just what she needs in more ways than one. Join her on a quest of discovery as she learns what she is capable of, what she can endure, and who she is.

The Locket & the Key

SKU: 979-8-369-27258-9
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