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I Used to Love H.E.R
The Love-Lorn Ballad of Tae & Nik

A contemporary work of fiction telling the story of Tae Allen as she struggles to cope with life and the world. She experiences great loves, and even greater losses, as she finds her way to the passage of self-discovery. From experimenting with polyamorous love, to battling drug addiction, journey along for the heights and pitfalls of Tae's experiences as they come together to culminate the potential for whom she, inevitably, becomes. With characters from all walks of life, there is bound to be someone in the story that you can relate to. Order your copy now to discover how Tae's story unfolds.

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The Locket & The Key

Join Tamika Kemp on a perilous battle against racism and colorism in the 1990s deep south as she attempts to find her long, lost sister with nothing to go on outside but her name. Only learning about her sister upon her mother's death, she sets out to find the final piece of the puzzle to saving her family's home. Faced with internal and external obstacles, Tamika fights with all she has to achieve her goal. She meets a few unlikely allies along the way who prove to be exactly what she needs to succeed. She also finds more than she bargained for during her visit to her old hometown.

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